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RPM Solutions, Inc. Rapid City, SD

Flue Gas Desulfurization Components

Flue gas desulfurization system RPM Solutions, Inc. specializes in building and maintaining Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) components. FGD systems remove sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the exhaust of flue gases in electric power plants that burn coal or oil. RPM Solutions components are specifically designed for dry sorbent injection systems (DSI), or dry scrubbers, that use a slurry of alkaline sorbent, usually limestone or lime. The limestone slurry is pumped through an atomizer device that produces fine droplets.  These droplets are injected into the flue gas stream and combine with the sulfur dioxide to produce a solid.  This solid is removed from the flue gas in a bag house or similar filtering system prior to being released into the atmosphere.  For a typical coal-fired power station, FGD will remove 95 percent or more of the sulfur dioxide in the flue gases.   

RPM Solutions designs atomizer wheels, atomizer nozzles, upper wear rings, lower wear rings, drive plates, and other dry scrubber system components that are specifically engineered to provide long life and reliability in these harsh environments.  RPM Solutions uses some the hardest substances known to man in its components ... titanium, silicon carbide, boron carbide, and tungsten carbide. Our components ensure that your plant obtains the maximum run time between maintenance cycles without compromising safety or quality. Our components meet and often exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications. RPM Solutions supports a number of OEM designed systems including Niro, Hamon Research-Cottrell, Komline-Sanderson, ABB, Flakt, Babcok & Wilcox (B&W), and Joy.

Our dry scrubber system components also increase lime efficiency.  Using our patented reverse taper nozzle technology, a power plant can use significantly less lime to produce the same amount of sulfur dioxide removal. This can signficantly reduce annual operating costs for a plant.

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