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SILVER Atomizer Monitoring System

The following components make up the Silver package for the Atomizer Monitoring System.
  • AMS Inventory Management System
    System to allow plant to track individual parts associated with an atomizer. Keeps track of part serial number, manufacturer, current status, location, history, run-time hours and related documentation (certifications, inspection reports, drawings, etc.)

  • AMS Standardized Procedure Repository
    On-line system for creating, executing and auditing standard procedures for the plant. Sample procedures include assembling an atomizer wheel, disassembling a wheel, installing a wheel on an atomizer and installing an atomizer in a reactor.

  • Web Site Access
    Access to secure web site providing “at-a-glance” information about plant atomizers.

  • Pager and e-mail status notifications
    Ability to schedule and send periodic and real-time information to staff via e-mail, text messages and/or pagers.

  • 1-Silver Tablet
    Windows-based tablet PC with Wi Fi Internet access. Used by technicians to execute procedures.

  • AMS Data Mining Tools
    Special on-line reporting tools including the ability to see run-time history by motor or by reactor. Graph comparing cost-per-hour for various parts. Graph showing maximum run-time by date. Ability to export data to Excel, Access or similar programs.

  • AMS Basic Real-time Monitoring and Data Collection
    The Basic Real-time Monitoring and Data Collection module automates the collection of run-time hours for each atomizer and part. It includes the following items.

    • 2 Basic Atomizer Sensor Nodes
      Each node includes banner sensor node, signage, run-time sensor meter, and RFID tags for the atomizer wheel, motor and reactor.

    • Banner Gateway and Standard Antennae
      Device that reads sensor nodes and forwards data to RPMConsole. Standard antennae range is 3 miles with line-of-sight.

    • RPMConsole
      On-site computer that read sensors and forwards data to central database.

    • Router
      Connects RPMConsole to Banner Gateway(s) and the Internet.

    • Reactor and spare stand signage
      Signs denoting location of reactors and spare stands.

    • iBoot
      Device that allows remote power control of all major on-site components of the AMS.

    • Cabinet Cooler
      Device that cools the computer equipment on-site at the plant.

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