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Overview of the Atomizer Monitoring System

The core of the Atomizer Monitoring System is a secure web site, Computers and sensors in the plant exchange data with the web site via the Internet. The web site serves as a central repository for parts inventory, standard operating procedures, run-time history, maintenance completion reports, and related documentation. A sophisticated application allows management, procurement, maintenance and operations personnel to access the important information and functions.
Atomizer Monitoring System overview diagram

Atomizer Monitoring System inventory managementAMS Inventory Management System
The Inventory Management System allows a plant to track individual parts associated with an atomizer. The system keeps track of part serial number, manufacturer, current status, location, history, run-time hours and related documentation (certifications, inspection reports, drawings, etc.)

AMS Standardized Procedure Repository
The AMS Standardized Procedure Repository is an on-line system for creating, executing and auditing standard operating procedures for the plant. Procedures are step-by-step instructions complete with animations to guide personnel through even the most complex tasks. Steps in the various procedures are easily customizable to particular applications. Procedure completion reports can be generated at the completion of each procedure to maintain an audit trail of what was done, when and by whom.

Atomizer Monitoring System standardized procedure repositorySample procedures include assembling an atomizer wheel, disassembling an atomizer wheel, installing an atomizer wheel on an atomizer, and installing an atomizer in a reactor.

The procedure repository works in conjunction with the inventory management system to retrieve parts from inventory, assemble atomizer wheels and motors, and retire parts from inventory.

AMS Real-time Monitoring and Data Collection
Atomizer Monitoring System real-time monitoring and data collectionSophisticated sensors mounted directly on plant atomizers track run-time hours, atomizer location, and other key factors relating to the overall health of the equipment. These sensors transmit data in real-time to a central database located on the Internet. Using a secure web site, management and operations staff can utilize this data to see at a glance the current status of atomizers operating in the plant.

Atomizer Monitoring System rugged tablet PCRugged Tablet PC
A rugged tablet PC is provided for operations and maintenance personnel operating in the plant. Utilizing these tablets, personnel can execute standard procedures and see at a glance the status of the equipment operating in the plant.

Atomizer Monitoring System RPM Console and sensorsRPMConsole and Sensors
For Real-time Monitoring and Data Collection, sensors are attached to each atomizer to capture data. Sensors connect wirelessly to an RPMConsole computer that forwards the data to the central web site.

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