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RPM Solutions, Inc. has developed comprehensive set of tools created to allow a power plant to effectively manage all aspects of maintaining an atomizer scrubbing system. The tools, collectively known as the Atomizer Monitoring System or AMS, consist of an Inventory Management System, Standardized Procedure Repository, and Real-time Monitoring and Data Collection tools. The Atomizer Monitoring System will save time, save money and improve safety.

Atomizer Monitoring System diagram

The Atomizer Monitoring System will ...
  • Effectively Manage Your Parts Inventory
  • Improve Utilization and Training of Limited Manpower
  • Obtain Maximum Wear Life of Components Without Increasing the Risk of Catastrophic Failure
  • Easily Maintain an Accurate Run-time History and Maintenance History of Components
  • Enhance Communication Between Management, Procurement, Operations and Maintenance
The Atomizer Monitoring System is also scalable and customizable to meet any particular needs.

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The Atomizer Monitoring System provides the tools to help you manage all aspects of maintaining your Atomizers. Save Time. Save Money. Improve Safety. Find out how ...